Miles was on the Ground in the Dark Elevator, His Belly Grumbling While a Pistol Layed at his Feet, His Arms Wrapped Around his Legs, Shivering. ''Stop breathing My Air!'' Yelled Yoggi, The Stranger Who Was Now In The Elevator Along with his Father. He Strangled Gregory Edgeworths Neck, As Miles Spoke Up ''Stop!'' He Shouted, Throwing The Pistol, Then Falling Down To Lack of Air.

His Eyes Shot Open As a Guard Pushed Him ''A Defense Attorney Phoenix Wright Came to See You.'' Edgeworth Got up And Walked To See Wright, His Hand Clinging Onto His Sleeve.

''Edgeworth....'' Phoenix Trailed Off. ''Have you Came to Laugh at the Fallen Attorney?! If So, Do it!'' He Said, Feeling Like He Wanted to Yell.

Mia, Maya Feys Sister And Phoenixs Friend He Sees In The Courtroom ''Edgeworth, Out of All The People'' Edgeworths Eyes Harden, Feeling Like Everyone was Seeing him as Weak.

''Please, Let Me Defend You!'' Phoenix Said, Rising Up From his Seat Swiftly with Determination in his Eyes.

Edgeworth Looked Away. ''No Phoenix.''

Phoenix Steadied His Gaze ''I Want To Help You Like You Helped Me in That Class Trail.''

Edgeworth Thought Back to the Time Which Larry, Obviously, Stole his Lunch Money and Then He Helped Defend Him.

''Go, Wright.'' He Said, Pushing Him out of His Mind.


The Next Time Edgeworth Saw His Rival Is When He Just Talked to his Partner, Gumshoe.

WIP :)! I Just Wanna Get To The Part When Edgy Curls Up in a Ball! -ShelbyH06


Feeling The Ground Shake, Edgeworth Started to Panic. The DL-6 Accident Raced Through His Mind. He Fell Onto Into a Ball, Sobbing, Thinking He Could've Murdered His Own Father.

''Edgeworth?'' Said Phoenix.

Not Replying, He Dug His Nail Into His Sleeve.

Maya sighed ''Hes in a Ball, Curled Up.''

Phoenix Sounded Surprised ''I Never Imagined Him Doing That..!''