Ethan Araya
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Occupation Defense Attorney (1995-2019)
Police Officer (June 21 2019-October 8)
Chief of Police (2019-Present)
Defense Attorney (2027-Present)
Names in other languages
Japanese* Hiroto Takami
Biological information
Born 1982
Age at debut 33
Eye color
Hair color Black
Height* 190 cm cm
Japanese* Yukitoshi Hori
Debut episode The First Turnabout

Ethan Araya is a renowned defense attorney who became one at the age of thirteen famous for turning hopeless cases around and getting his defendant found innocent, as well as finding the real killer and had not lost a case for twenty one years. He has handled many cases in his career he only lost once once to one trial he present forge evidence unknown to him which result him being disbarment along with fellow co worker Phoenix Wright he later became a police officer later the Chief of Police after the Former Chief Franklin George gave him the position for the District Attorney in exchange keeping his corruption a secret he and wright was instrumental in the organization of a test trial for the Jurist System, resulting in Wright and him being exoneration and reinstatement into the bar.

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